Traditional Signwriting

These days the art of traditional Sign writing (that is the use of Brushed lettering, Gold leaf, Pinstriping)  are all art forms that are slowly dying. With over 15 years of experience and a love of the old techniques we still offer these services to our customers. This form of Sign writing isn’t as quick or as cost effective as the signs that are printed or produced from vinyl, but if it’s a classic, old school finish you are after then we would be happy to help.

Digital Imaging

With today’s technology images are becoming more popular in modern signage. Being able to work with digital images & apply effects is an important aspect of our work. With the latest design software we can produce artwork to suit you. It is important to remember that the finished product is a direct relation to the original image. The better the quality of the original image, the better the quality of the final product.

Vinyl Lettering

With the development of Sign writing software and vinyl cutting machines most work these days is dome with self adhesive vinyl’s. There are many types of vinyl on the market, with varying life spans. We use the highest grade vinyl’s that provide the longest possible life span. We don’t compromise our quality by purchasing cheap vinyl’s that won’t stand the test of time, This gives you the best possible value for money.

Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle graphics are one of the best ways to let people see your business. Staring with a basic logo on the door right through to complete vehicle wraps we can create something that suits your needs. We can sign write any type of vehicle from cars to trucks, race cars, boats even trains. If it moves and you want it signwriten we can do it.

Digital Printing

Digital printers have come a long way from your desktop printer. We use a wide format printer that allows us to print to a maximum width of 1300mm. We take the time to ensure your prints are of the highest quality we could possible provide. This means the prints take longer to complete, but we would prefer that the final product be as good if not better than what you were expecting.